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Useful Links:

Dandenong Fancy Pigeon Society Annual Shows (Facebook)


Australian Speciality Breed Clubs

Australian National Pigeon Association

Pigeons Australia (Facebook)

Australian Performing Tumblers

Modena Club of South Australia


International Speciality Breed Clubs


British Nun Club (UK)

Central Canada Fantail Club (Canada)

Damascenes (France).


Indian Fantail Club of America.

Old Dutch Capuchines. (USA)

Parlor Rollers (USA) World record Holder.

Parlor Rollers Terry Duez’s (USA)

Polish Breeds (Romania)

Russian Pigeons. (Russia)

Tanveer Lofts (Fancy Pigeons from India)

The British Brunner Pouter Club. (UK)


UAE Tipplers Pigeon Club (Facebook)


Australian All Breeds Clubs


Dandenong Fancy Pigeon Society Inc.

Pigeon Fanciers Society of NSW Inc.

South Australian Canary and Pigeon Society.



International All Breeds Clubs


American NPA

Fancy Breeds (With Pics) - Pigeons Website

French NPA (Written in French)

German all breeds site. (Written in German)

National Fancy Pigeon Association of South Africa (NFPA)

Pigeon Hub (USA) New

VDT - Online (Fancy Pigeon Journal to Germany NPA)


Genetic Sites

Frank Mosca’s genetics’ page.

Mumtaztic Pigeon Loft - Pigeon Genetics

Pigeon Breeding: Genetics At Work - Learn Genetics

Pigeon Calculator Advanced (UK)

Pigeon Calculator Next Gen plus Pied genes New

Pigeon Calculator Advanced New

BREEDBOOK >> geneticscalculator New

Ron Huntley’s Rare Coloured Homers

Steven van Breemen's View on Inbreeding



Personal Web Sites


Guido’s Pigeon Shack (Pigeon Empire).

Berwick Lofts – Aaron Koldas (Facebook)


Pigeon Health


Australian Pigeon Company (Dr Colin Walker).

Australian Avian Products (Australia)

Bellsouth Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

Top Loft Company. (Australia)

Foy’s Pigeon Supplies (USA, order online)

Basic Pigeon Care Information (For people new to pigeons)

Global Pigeon Supplies




PetsHQ (General information about products and services)

Pigeon Radio