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Pigeon Figurines at ANPA National Show 2023 - Ipswich, QLD.


For our interested members, these Pigeon Figurines by Jan Lombard will be available at the National show this year at $30.00 each:

For those who want to order some, please contact James Mandilas in January 2023, as orders need to be in soon.

"Right Click" on image and select "Open in New Tab" to view an enlarged image.

List of breeds with codes below:

A5 Aachener Cropper
A1 African Owl
A8 Altenberger Trumpeter
A3 American Show Racer
A9 American Show Roller
A10 Amsterdam Bearded Tumbler
A4 Anatolian Owl
A7 Arabian Trumpeter
A6 Arcangel
A11 Australian Performing Tumbler
B10 Barb
B1 Bavarian Pouter
B2 Berne Gugger
B13 Berne Halfbeak
B14 Berne Lark
B16 Berne Ribbon Tail
B15 Berne Tigerhead
B17 Berne White Tail
B18 Birmingham Roller
B3 Blondinette
B4 Bohemian Swallow crested muffed
B11 Bohemian Swallow plain head clean legs
B5 Bohemian Swallow plain head muffed
B6 Bokhara Trumpeter
B12 British Show Racer
B7 Brunner Pouter
B9 Budapest Shortface Tumbler
C7 Chines Nasal Tuft
C1 Chinese Owl
C5 Czech Ice Cropper
D7 Damascene 
D12 Danish Suabian (peak crest)
D8 Danish Suabian (plain head)
D5 Danish Tumbler
D1 Danziger High Flyer
D9 Domestic Show Flight capped
D11 Domestic Show Flight plainhead
D2 Domino Owl
D3 Dresden Trumpeter
E1 Echterdinger Colour Pigeon
E2 Elbinger Whitehead Tumbler
E8 English Carrier
E6 English Longfaced Tumbler
E4 English Muffed Tumbler
E5 English Nun
E9 English Pouter
E3 English shortfaced Tumbler
E7 English Trumpeter
F1 Fantail
F3 Felegyhazaer Tumbler
F4 French Mondain (USA type)
G8 Gaditano Thief Pouter
G7 Gent Cropper
G1 German Beauty Homer
G9 German Double Crested Trumpeter
G12 German Nose Crested Trumpeter
G2 German Nun (crested)
G14 German Nun (plainhead)
G3 German Shield Owl  
G4 German Tail Owl
A2   Giant Homer
G11 Giant Runt (USA)
G5 Gimpel
G6 Gros Mondain
G13 Grwin Tumbler (Bellneck roller)
H2 Hana Cropper
H3 Hessian Cropper
H4 Holle Cropper
H5 Horseman Thief Pouter
H7 Ice Pigeon clean legs
I3 Ice Pigeon Muffed
I1 Indian Fantail
I2 Italian Owl
J1 Jacobin
K1 King
K2 Komorner Tumbler (USA)
L1 Lahore (European type)
L10 Lahore (USA Type)
L2 Luzerne Copper Collar
L4 Luzerne Elmer
L5 Luzerne Gold Collar
L6 Luzerne Shield
L3 Luzerne Single Colour
L8 Luzerne Tigerhead
L7 Luzerne White Tail
M3 Marchenero Pouter
M4 Medium Face Crested Helmet
M5 Medium Face Plainhead Helmet
M11 Modena (English)
M6 Modena (USA)
N4 Nish White tail
N1 Norwich Cropper
  Nurnberg Swallow
O1 Old Dutch Capuchine
O7 Old German Cropper
M7 Old German Modena
O8 Old German Moorehead (creasted)
O9 Old German Moorehead (plainhead)
O2 Old German Owl
O5 Oriental Roller
O6 Oriental Show Roller (USA)
P4 Pigmy Pouter
P5 Polish Owl crested
  Polish Owl plainhead
P2 Pomeranian Pouter
P6 Portuguese Tumbler
P7 Prague Tumbler
R1 Racing Homer
R7 Rakonitzer Roller
R2 Reversewing Pouter
R3 Rhine Ringbeater
R6 Russian Tumbler (USA)
S20 Saint Gallen Wing Pigeon
S1 Satinette
S2 Saxon Breast
S3 Saxon Crescent crested
S34 Saxon Crescent plain head
S5 Saxon Field Colour Pigeon (crested)
S40 Saxon Field Colour Pigeon (plain head)
S6 Saxon Monk
S41 Saxon Pouter
S7 Saxon Priest
S8 Saxon Reversewing plain head
S9 Saxon Shield crested
S11 Saxon Shield double crested
S10 Saxon Shield plain head
S13 Saxon Spot crested
S12 Saxon Spot plain head
S15 Saxon Stork crested
S14 Saxon Stork plain head 
S16 Saxon Swallow crested full head
S17 Saxon White Tail plain head
S18 Saxon Wing (crested)
S19 Saxon Wing (Plain head)
N2 Scandaroon
S39 Show Roller (UK)
S24 South German Bib clean legs
S37 South German Bib muffed
S21 South German Blassen (muffed)
S22 South German Blassen clean legs
S23 South German Coal Lark 
S25 South German Monk clean legs
S26 South German Monk muffed
S27 South German Moorhead
S28 South German Shield
S29 South German Spot
S30 South German Tigermorhen
S31 South German White Tail
S35 Stargard Shaker
S4 Starling peak crested
S42 Starling plainhead
S38 Stettin tumbler
S33 Strasser
S36 Swiss Self
T1 Texan Pioneer
T24 Thurgau Crescent
T25 Thurgau Monk
T26 Thurgau Shield
T27 Thurgau White Tail
T23 Thurgauer Elmer
T2 Thuringer Breast
T3 Thuringer Crescent
T17 Thuringer Einfarbige crested
T4 Thuringer Einfarbige plain head
T14 Thuringer Goldbeetle
T19 Thuringer Goldbeetle peak crest
T5 Thuringer Mauser
T20 Thuringer Monk peak crest
T16 Thuringer Monk plainhead
T6 Thuringer Shield
T7 Thuringer Spot
T8 Thuringer Stork
T9 Thuringer Swallow plain head
T21 Thuringer Swallow shell crest
T11 Thuringer White Bib
T10 Thuringer White head
T12 Thuringer white Tail
T13 Thuringer Wing plain head
T22 Thuringer Wing shell crest
T29 Timisoara Tumbler
T28 Triganino
T15 Turbit
T18 Turbiteen
V1 Vizor 
V3 Vogtland Trumpeter
V2 Voorburg Shield Cropper
W4 West of England Tumbler (UK)
W2 West of England Tumbler (USA Type)
W3 Wiggertal Colour Tail
W5 Wolverhampton Badge Tumbler
W6 Woverhampton Magpie Tumbler
W1 Wurttenberger Moorhead



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